Husqvarna PG 680

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An extremely powerful and tough grinder/polisher designed for a wide array of applications. Dual Drive Technology gives it the highest production rates compared to other grinders in its class.


  • Handles all wet and dry grinding applications
  • Removes adhesives, coatings and screed
  • Perfect for HIPERFLOOR concrete floor polishing system
  • Ideal for polishing natural stone and terrazzo surfaces


  • Dual Drive Technology enables the operator to control individual speed and direction of the planetary head and satellite discs, optimizing any grinding application
  • Patented twin motor drive system facilitates maximum power for aggressive grinding applications
  • Triple-headed grinder provides more downward pressure and power to the grinding heads compared to 4-head machines
  • Extremely high production rates when rapidly removing tough, heavy-duty surfaces/coatings as well as when floor polishing with an industrial and commercial capacity
  • Durable components increase time between service intervals
  • It fits through a standard doorway, making it accessible to most projects

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Additional information

Weight 850 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 28 × 79 in
PG 680

#965195712: Voltage 220V 240, #965195708: Voltage 380V 480



Spec Sheets

Husqvarna PG 680

Husqvarna PG680 Operator’s Manual.pdf
Husqvarna Grinder Production Rates.pdf
Husqvarna Grinder Model Differences.pdf