Husqvarna M8 High Collar I-Lock Washer


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The Husqvarna Bush Hammer is an ultra-aggressive prep tool ideal for use on the Husqvarna PG820. The Husqvarna Bush Hammer is designed to pulverize the surface of concrete making it fast and easy to get to full aggregate exposure. It is also great for coating removal.

On each bush hammer assembly comes 12 lock washers. The lock washers are used in conjunction with cap screws to secure the bush hammer rollers in place on the holder disc. Be sure to pair each lock washer with a cap screw. Replace as needed.

*Note: Each lock washer sold separately.

Husqvarna M8 High Collar I-Lock Washer

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in




Spec Sheets

Ideal Applications:

  • For stone surface fabricating, making bush hammered effect for stone products
  • To remove old glue and resin coatings, particularly thick resins
  • Use as a scarifying machine with the advantage that it is aggressive, but gentle enough not to “dig” uncontrollably into the floor surface
  • For floor preparation before laying new coatings
  • To expose the aggregate in concrete floors to prepare for concrete polishing
  • Creates slip-resistant finish on granite and marble, breaks down coatings standard diamonds can’t touch, prepares surface for application of thin-set overlay
  • The repeated hit of these carbide tips into stone or concrete surface creates a rough, pockmarked texture that looks like naturally weathered rock

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