Husqvarna Elite-Grind 30 Grit Hard Bond (G1474)


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The G1400 Series offers the excellent removal rates and durability, providing maximum profitability and performance with all types of applications. It also covers surface preparation applications in only three steps before using the resin tools in polishing applications.

The 30 grit tool comes in the one notch style, and either single or double segment. This diamond is hard.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Segment Type

Single Seg (#501907901), Double Seg (#501907902)




Spec Sheets


  • Optimal: Concrete soft, Porous ceramic glues
  • Good: Rain-damaged concrete
  • Acceptable: Concrete medium, Vinyl glues. Paint and thin epoxy. Thick epoxy


  • Top Performance: covers the surface preparation application in only 3 steps before using the resin tools for polishing application.
  • Easy and Quick Set-Up of Tools: Redi Lock is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tools. No need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs; no time consuming and impractical screw-on-diamond systems. Available for a variety of machine manufacturers.
  • Optimized Diamond Selection: optimal diamond selection enables the highest performance available for a wide range of conditions and applications.
  • Wide Variety of Applications: with an extensive range of 6 different specifications you can tackle a wide scope of surface hardnesses and applications, going from very hard to very abrasive concrete.
  • High Flexibility: excellent working speed and tool life by dry grinding. Easy tool selection.

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