HTC S-Series Diamond Tool (3 PK)


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S Series for soft concrete and abrasive surfaces. Soft concrete, asphalt, or other porous materials are often very abrasive and tools risk being worn out pretty quickly if not chosen wisely. HTC’s tools in the S Series are specifically designed for these types of material. (By soft concrete we mean concrete with Mohs scratch test between 2 and 3)

The diamond segments have been given a uniform design within each series and a new, thoroughly tested composition increases the removal rate during grinding by up to 30% and the life length up to 40%. The areas of use for the tool series overlap, which makes the choice of tool easier and simplifies the process for achieving the desired grinding result. The S Series scores 2-3 on the Moh’s Scratch Test.

  • The segment has a long life.
  • The S Series is only available in the double segment format.
  • Estimated Coverage Rate (life of the tool): 7,000-9,000 sq ft
  • Note: SMHX tooling replaces HTC’s tools in the C, CA, SF, and CX series.

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*Pricing valid in the continental US only*

Sold in a package of 3 tools!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.5 in

S2 Gold – 25 Grit, S3 Grey – 40 Grit, S4 Brown – 80 Grit, S5 Black – 150 Grit





Spec Sheets

SMHX Series Product Sheet