HTC Ravager 7″ Tool Complete


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The HTC Ravager is a grinding tool with three to five rollers, depending on the tool size, that has an extremely high stock removal capacity. The applications are endless! HTC Ravager can remove rigid or brittle coatings and even 3/8″ thick overlays with ease. You can also use these tools to repair a failing cap on concrete or a slab that has been exposed to rain.

HTC Ravager tools can also achieve a standard surface preparation profile equivalent to International Concrete Repair Institute’s (I.C.R.I.) Concrete Surface Profile (C.S.P.) standard of 6-7 using your HTC grinder.

This set includes (3) Ravager rollers assembled and mounted to plate. Recommended for use with GL 450.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in



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  • Exposes large aggregates in as little as one pass
  • Leaves a bush hammered profile perfect for high traction exterior surfaces
  • Removes rigid or brittle coatings and overlays with ease
  • Stock removal to level concrete
  • Repair a failing cap on concrete or a slab that has been exposed to rain
  • Surface preparation – achieve C.S.P. standard to 6-7 using your HTC grinder