HTC EZ T-Rex DOME II PCD with Protection Segment


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Remove stubborn coatings easily and efficiently with the HTC EZ T-Rex DOME Protection Segment. T-Rex DOME II is a further development of T-Rex which cuts and removes all coatings. This tool is very effective in removing many materials due to its properties. The T-Rex DOME II scores, grinds and crushes coatings. The EZ T-Rex DOME A Tool has phenominally high removal ability to remove many types of materials, including thick coatings such as paint, epoxy, varnish and acrylic. It removes glue and screed residue equally effectively.

The T-Rex Dome combines three actions in one by scraping, milling and grinding all in one step. Its combination of two PCD tools makes for high efficiency with an extremely high removal capacity of coatings. For an improved tool to achieve a finer scratch pattern, use the HTC EZ T-Rex DOME with Protection Segment.

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Videos of HTC T-Rex tooling in action:

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.5 in

Right – A #502548, Left – B #502546




Spec Sheets


  • Protection Segment
  • Coarse grinding tool
  • T-Rex Dome II Series
  • Equipped with override