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The HTC EZ SR Resin is a high performing all-round tool. This Super Resin series is the most popular resin bond tool and it is a preferred tool in the HTC Superfloor process. “SR” stands for Super Resin, which is a unique ingredient, found only in HTC’s SR and BB-series. The SR tool performs well on all types of concrete and the formula containing Super resin gives the tools high performance and long life. It can also be used on terrazzo, cementitious toppings and natural stone floors. Thanks to its very good all-round capacity it is considered a safe choice for unexperienced grinders.

  • Estimated Coverage Rate (life of the tool): 2,000 sq ft

The HTC FP series is an excellent polishing tool that is very appreciated for its outstanding performance in creating a high gloss. Hence, it is our recommended tool for the final polishing steps in the HTC Superfloor process (yellow and green step). The FP tool is our recommendation for wet grinding and polishing of granite.

  • Estimated Coverage Rate (life of the tool): 10,000 sq ft

**Dry or wet soft bond resin. Used on hard concrete or granite.**

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*Pricing valid in the continental US only*

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.5 in

SR Series (Super Resin), FP Series (Final Polishing)


40 grit #212360, 80 grit #212361, 100 grit #212362, 200 grit #212363, 400 grit #212364, 800 grit #212365, 100 grit #211494, 200 grit #211495, 400 grit #211496, 800 grit #211497, 1500 grit #211498, 3000 grit #211499




Spec Sheets

HTC EZ SR Resin Tool PDS.pdf