HTC 950 RX Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder


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The HTC 950 RX is a remote-controlled grinder for large surfaces. It is a planetary grinder with four grinding discs and has several functions that increase capacity and enhance operator ergonomics.

The integrated Mist Cooler System prevents metal tools from overheating during grinding and significantly increases the machine’s grinding capacity. The machine is equipped with a flexible, floating hood that prevents the spread of dust and enables grinding closer to corners and edges. The HTC 950 RX also has an integrated weight system for multi-position adjustment of grinding pressure, as well as battery power for movement during loading and unloading.

  • Remote control: The remote control provides a significantly simplified handling of the machine during grinding and transportation. It also makes it possible to grind for a long period of time without a break.
  • Floating Grinding Cover: with the dust extractor it prevents dust to spread in the premises. Since HTC’s grinding covers are flexible you can grind much closer to corners and edges.
  • 4 head grinder (X model): you get an up to 30% more effective grinding and stripping and obviously a more level floor.
  • MCS™ – Mist Cooler System: Prevents the metal tools to overheat and significantly increase the machines stripping capacity.
  • Good working environment: Sound levels are very low and grinding is more or less dust free.

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Weight 1323 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 39 × 51 in




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