HTC 270 EG Floor Grinder


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Switching to an HTC 270 EG means that the time spent on edge grinding can be seriously reduced for any contractor. We are confident to say that the HTC 270 EG is the world’s first true professional edge grinder.

The core focus in HTC’s product development has always been ergonomics, economy, and ecology and HTC 270 EG is no exception. The machine is advanced, yet simple to use and many different options in configuration enable a more controlled and ergonomic edge grinding than ever before.

The HTC 270 EG Three Phase 460 Volt Edge Concrete Grinder lets the operator grind as close to edge as possible. The grinding head is only 4 inches high, allowing it to have access below shelves and other objects. With the ergonomically designed variable handle positions, it is very manageable. Even the grinding head is able to move left and right while grinding. In fact, the 270 EG has three adjustable angles, giving the user the flexibility to reach those tight edges.

The HTC 270 EG is a unique edge grinder that outperforms anything else on the market. The machine’s many settings enable controlled and ergonomic edge grinding, regardless of floor configuration. The machine has advanced functions, but at the same time, is easy to use and set up.


  • Height of grinding head, only 100 mm!
  • Access below shelves etc. when grinding
  • Frequency control and “overload” light allows full control of grinding
  • Ergonomically designed with many handle positions
  • Easy to set grinding head towards both left and right grinding
  • Grinding head adjustable in three angles
  • Optimized center of gravity for best stability
  • Floating cover that follows the floor at all times
  • The EZchange system gives access to HTC’s complete tooling range
  • Adjustable counter pressure wheels
  • Detachable chassis for easy transportation

Additional information

Weight 230 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 19 × 33 in




220V, 480V

Spec Sheets


  • 460 Volt
  • 10″ Grinding Diameter
  • 460-1220 RPM
  • Weighs 227 Pounds
  • EZchange system
  • Adjustable Handle and Angle Positions

Data / Specs:
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