HTC 1500 IxT Ride-On Floor Grinder


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The HTC 1500 ixT 460 Volt is a ride-on machine that functions just as well in large areas as small. It rotates 180 on the spot. The machine’s grinding head consists of two modified 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 1 kW each.

The machine is incredibly effective and grinds large areas in a short time, which means huge time-savings for the client. The HTC 1500 ixT is compact and easy to operate, with a clear, easy-to-understand control panel. It is also silent and has a considered ergonomic design.

The ride-on grinder is electrically-powered, but also has batteries that make transportation easier, as you can drive the machine for loading and unloading. The HTC 1500 ixT is equipped with a Mist Cooling System for smoother grinding and has two integrated suction devices that contribute to a better working environment.

The grinding head can be raised and lowered which, combined with the EZchange system, makes it easy and convenient to replace tools and saves a lot of time. If you want an effective machine that you can learn to operate quickly, then the HTC 1500 ixT is the right machine for the job.

The HTC 1500 ixT grinds up to 30 m of HTC Superfloor per machine hour. The grinding head has 2 x 11 kW motors 40 m electrical cable Grinding width 1.4 m. The HTC 1500 ixT ride-on grinder is for large areas but can also strip small areas.

Model Number: HTC 1500 ixT

Item Number: 112457

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Weight 3970 lbs
Dimensions 102 × 57 × 77.5 in


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