Grabber 30 Gallon Slurry Wet Vacuum


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This Grabber Power portable vacuum is an industry favorite. It has a 30 gallon capacity and is guaranteed to provide you with all the suction you need. This slurry vacuum is specifically designed to hold up under the toughest conditions and is great for all wet vac applications.


Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 32 × 60 in



Spec Sheets

[Vacuum Head]

  • 150 CFM, 13.5 amp, 125 volt vacuum motor
  • Stainless steel foam float screen
  • Motor protection ring and rain cap
  • Recessed 15 amp straight blade plug

[Drum Assembly]

  • 30 gallon epoxy inner lined drum
  • zinc-plated handle
  • drain plug assembly installed
  • cross brace wheel assembly with front 10″ air free rigid wheels
  • rear 5″ caster swivels (1-wheel lock)
  • 29″ squeegee floor tool assembly with (4) adjustment swivel casters, transport raised lock and 2″x48″ vacuum hose with cuffs