GCT CC-6 Electric Crack Chaser


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The CC-6 electric crack chaser has taken safety and productivity to another level. The unique rotating control handle allows our crack chaser to be pushed or pulled, giving it excellent blade visibility and versatility. With it’s four precision casters allowing the CC-6 to follow the tightest cracks, each with a 4 position lock that gives the operator more control over maneuverability. Adjusting the cutting depth couldn’t be easier, loosen the thumb knob and slide the stop to your desired cutting depth. And the smooth operating  lift and lower mechanism ensures that your desired depth can be achieved from any position. With maximum dust control in mind, the CC-6 has an extra large 3-inch dust port.


  • Excellent dust control
  • Can be pushed or pulled
  • Non-directional lift lower handle
  • 4 position handle
  • Blade wrench holder
  • Large 3″ dust port

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs


Spec Sheets

  • Power Requirements: 120 Volt, 20 Amps
  • Weight:                       100 lbs.
  • Cutting depth:            1″ max
  • Blade size                   6″ Diamond blade
  • Vacuum Requirement: 300 CFM