Ermator Deluxe Dust Shroud


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The Ermator Deluxe 5″ (or 7″) dust shroud is the newest edition shroud specifically designed for optimum dust control. This Deluxe shroud has all the features of the standard unit, in addition to a flip-up hinge for all wall and edge work. It is unlike other models because it folds up and out of the way. The Deluxe shroud also features a swivel hose attachment, vent hole to adjust suction, replaceable wear plates, flexible rubber design suited to match contours, and a custom interchangeable collar for a secure fit to all grinders.

The biggest difference between this deluxe 5″ shroud and the 7″ shroud, the 5″ comes with six interchangeable collars, as well as, rolling guides for grinding up against a wall. These little rollers mean you can’t damage the wall with your cup wheel.

7″: A standard unit comes with 2 collars to fit Flex Metabo, Hitachi, and Makita.

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