Endurable F1 Sealer Gloss


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This single-component sealer is an excellent replacement for solvent-based sealers. The product is fast-drying and low contains low VOC content. The longevity is twice that of typical acrylic sealers.


  • gloss finish
  • Quick to dry
  • Spray, roll, or micro-fiber application
  • Safe for countertops
  • Low VOC content and low odor
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good durability
  • Very easy to apply
  • Good UV stability
  • Good against hot tire pick-up
  • Excellent product to use in conjunction with ENDURABLE CONCRETE SEALER. Application of product during recoat window over ENDURABLE CONCRETE SEALER results in rich look usually achieved with floor wax, yet yielding much longer term results
  • Good elasticity
  • Excellent coverage rates
  • Excellent replacement for solvent-based acrylic sealers

Tips & Techniques:

  • AIR FLOW AND HIGHER TEMPERATURES WILL HELP TO SPEED THE DRYING OF ENDURABLE F1 SEALER. Please keep in mind that darker colored concrete may be may be too hot to seal.
  • ENDURABLE F1 SEALER IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT. Using this product on textured concrete such as broom-finished concrete or stamped concrete is very easy. We recommend that you apply the product by sprayer with conical tip size of .05 – .15 gpm at 40 psi for the first coat. The second coat may be applied via sprayer and then followed with a T-Bar microfiber applicator or 3/16″ roller to help even out the product. You may spray a second or third coat as long as it is applied evenly. Do not over-apply the product. Once you see that the surface is turning milky white you have enough product and you do not want to apply any more product. On textured or stamped concrete the sealer my settle into the lower impressions of the surface. If this happens, simply use a rag or cloth to blot the area so the sealer will cure properly. It is very easy and you will love the results. Do not apply over 4 mils on a coat or the product will not cure out properly.
  • Product may be used straight from the container and not mixed with water. With this you may experience a faster dry time.
  • ENDURABLE F1 SEALER may be applied over ENDURABLE CONCRETE SEALER as a protective top coat instead of using a wax. ENDURABLE F1 SEALER must be applied to the ENDURABLE CONCRETE SEALER in a re-coat window ONLY. This period is 2-3 hours after ENDURABLE CONCRETE SEALER is dry to the touch.
  • If you would like to add slip resistant additive to ENDURABLE F1 SEALER, you may add grip to the sealer like many traditional sealers. It is best to add the 100 mesh polypropylene to the sealer and apply in the first coat application. Then we recommend applying the second coat of sealer. You may even wish to apply a third coat to guarantee complete encapsulation of the 100 mesh polypropylene. For a higher level of grip, you can purchase a 90 mesh sand, which is may come in different colors and textures. After applying the first coat of sealer, you can “hand broadcast” the sand over the sealer and then seal again after the first coat has cured enough.
  • Temperatures , sunlight and air movement are vital to the product when curing. If an exterior surface faces north or east with no sun light or wind and the air temperature is 50-60 degrees, the concrete might be too cold for the water moisture in the sealer to evaporate before the chemical reaction takes over. Simulated air movement can then help the sealer cure.
  • ENDURABLE CONCRETE STAIN may be added directly to the ENDURABLE F1 SEALER. Lighter amounts of stain can give the top coat of sealer different accents, while large amounts can make the sealer and concrete appear opaque.
  • ENDURABLE CONCRETE STAIN may be applied over ENDURABLE F1 SEALER when mixed in acetone. When staining over curing ENDURABLE F1 SEALER, make sure to not add too much stain mixed into acetone. Sealer should be dry to the touch and safe to walk on with NO TACKY feel. As the sealer is gaining strength, too much acetone, too early in the cure time, can slow or retard the reaction time of the sealer, as well as prematurely dry the sealer out of moisture, leaving “cooked” or burnt sealer. If this happens, the materials should be removed and re-applied in the proper manner.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in







1 gallon, 2 gallons

Coverage Calculator




This calculator estimates the amount of sealer required (in gallons) for a given area.

FOR ESTIMATING PURPOSES ONLY. Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates. ALWAYS TEST representative areas to confirm suitability, accurate coverage rates and desired results.

Spec Sheets

Endurable F1 Sealer TDS.pdf
Endurable F1 Sealer SDS.pdf