EDCO Crete-Plane 8″ Scari-Lite Mini-Planer


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This lightweight machine to easily manipulate approx. 175-250 square feet of concrete with the EDCO CPL-8G 8″ Walk Behind Concrete Floor Scarifier. The cutting wheels rotate to break up the concrete. The 6-shaft cutting drum will beat at the existing, old surface so a clean, textured or rough finish is left so new concrete can be laid down. This gasoline 5.5 horsepower or 1.5 Hp electric cutter will clean, grind and light or heavy milling.

Scarifiers are also known as planers, milling machines, rotary cutters or simply surface-preparation machines. This machine is ideal for removing paint, urethane, thin-set, and coatings. It can also etch and or prep the surface for new coatings.

If depth control is an issue a scarifier is a better option than scabbler. The EDCO scarifier allows for a more accurate cut. This 4″ rotary cutter will grind up to 1/32″ deep with a working width of 8″.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 19 × 42.5 in


Gasoline, Electric



Spec Sheets


  • 8″ working width will scarify approximately 175-250 sq. ft. per hour at a depth of 1/32″ per pass
  • 8-Inch, 6-Shaft drum accepts carbide and steel cutters
  • Etch the surface for new coatings
  • Available in 1.5HP Electric or 5.5HP Gasoline
  • Comes standard with universal vacuum port hookup
  • Uses same carbide & steel cutters as the CPM-8 model scarifier

Ideal For:

  • Etching away paint, urethane, thin-set and other coatings
  • Texturing slipper surfaces
  • Removing traffic lines

Product Applications:

  • Surface & Marking Removal
  • Surface Texturing & Grooving

Edco CPL Scari-Lite Operator’s Manual.pdf