EDCO Crete-Plane 10″ Walk-Behind Scarifier


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The EDCO 10″ Walk-Behind Crete-Plane Scarifier gives the operator more control by propelling the machine manually. For those closer-fitting jobs that require a more hands-on control, use the 10″ width Walk-Behind Scarifier to extract up to 700 square feet per hour. That’s 28,000 square feet in a 40 hour workweek. This unit reaches a depth of 1/8″ per pass.

To remain productive, the 10″ Scarifier has larger 6″ wheels in the rear for easy handling. The gasoline Crete-Plane scarifier helps to maintain 2,446 RPM, so its workload can be effectively handled and maintained for the ultimate productivity.

This scarifier is the optimal machine for dealing with belligerent materials and coatings that don’t want to go as well as for industrial scarifying. Your employees’ health and well-being is vital to a successful completed job. Considering your employees are slowly walking behind this scarifier, the dust-free vacuum port is a vital addition.

Note-worthy items for the 13 horsepower scarifier include its handy loading drums available in 6-Shaft and 8-Shaft, as well as its heavy-duty, oversized bearings.

Additional information

Weight 267 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 41 in


Gasoline Scarifier, Electric Scarifier



Spec Sheets


  • 10″ working width will scarify approximately 500-700 sq ft per hour at depth per pass of 1/8″
  • 1/4″ steel frame
  • Heavy-duty, oversized bearings
  • Weighs 299 lbs with cutters
  • Tethered emergency stop switch
  • Larger 6” wheels in the rear for easy handling
  • Gasoline or Electric models available
  • Vacuum port standard for dust-free cutting
  • 6-Shaft and 8-Shaft easy change, side loading drums available
  • Tungsten carbide or steel cutters available

Ideal For:

  • Aggressive removal of material
  • Production scarification
  • Heavy coatings removal

Product Applications:

  • Surface & Marking Removal
  • Surface Leveling
  • Surface Texturing & Grooving

CPM-10 Operator’s Manual.pdf