EDCO CPM-8G Crete-Plane 8″ Gasoline Walk-Behind Scarifier


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Scarify up to 500 square feet per with the EDCO 8″ Crete-Plane Gasoline Walk-Behind Scarifier. The cutting wheels rotate to break up the concrete. The 6-shaft cutting drum will beat at the existing, old surface so a clean, textured or rough finish is left so new concrete can be laid down. This gasoline 9 horsepower cutter will clean, grind and light or heavy milling.

Scarifiers are also known as planers, milling machines, rotary cutters or simply surface-preparation machines. This machine can repair sidewalks to avoid a potential accident and create a non-slip surface. It also removes, cleans, and/or prepares concrete coatings, traffic lines and markings.

If depth control is an issue a scarifier is a better option than scabbler. The EDCO Crete-Plane scarifier allows for a for a more accurate cut. This 8″ planer will penetrate up to 1/8″ deep, that’s 3,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) of concrete.

Considering it can loosen up to 500 square feet per hour, in a eight hour day it can attack 8,000 lineal feet. Knowing workers would be behind this unit all day, EDCO installed a standard vacuum port to enable a dust-free environment on the EDCO scarifier’s for their protection.

Note: this machine includes 78 carbide cutters and 215 spacers.

Additional information

Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 39 in


Spec Sheets


  • 8″ working width will scarify approximately 350-500 sq. ft. per hour at Depth Per Pass of 1/8″
  • Removes traffic lines at 800-1,000 lineal ft. per hour
  • Power source over drum to eliminate vibration and maximize surface contact
  • Compact design
  • Front-mounted lifting handle makes loading and unloading easy
  • Vacuum port equipped
  • Optional water misting system
  • Optional edger attachment allows the CPM-8 to get within 1-3/4″ of any vertical surface

Ideal For:

  • Sidewalk trip hazard repair
  • Concrete and coatings removal
  • Floor cleaning and/or preparations
  • Creating non-slip surfaces
  • Traffic line and markings removal

Product Applications:

  • Surface & Marking Removal
  • Surface Leveling
  • Surface Texturing & Grooving