CTS Rapid Set 20 Pound Bag Skim Coat


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Minimum Quantity: 56 (full pallet) 

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Skim Coat is a smooth, sand-free, hydraulic cement-based material used under flooring for patching and skim coating on interior and exterior projects. Apply from featheredge to 1″ thick. Use Skim Coat to repair, level, and smooth cement or concrete substrates, quarry tile, or APA rated interior-grade plywood before installing floor coverings and other protective toppings.

  • Apply floor coverings in as soon as 1 hour.
  • Walk on in 1-3 hours.
  • Adheres to plywood substrates.
  • Top with flooring such as VCT, sheet vinyl, carpet, tile, pavers within 1 hour, and with epoxy in 16 hours.
  • Coverage: 66.6 square feet at 1/8-inch deep or 33.4 square feet at 1/4-inch deep
  • No primer or curing compound is necessary.

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Weight 1120 lbs




56 (full pallet)

Spec Sheets

Skim Coat TDS.pdf
Skim Coat SDS.pdf