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Apply Surface Refining Agent at the start of Step 1 to aid in rapidly removing scratches and achieve high levels of clarity. Use with Step 1 and Step 2 tools. It will eliminate the need for lengthy grinding steps.

The CRMX 3-Step Concrete Polishing System removes the complexities involved in the tooling and selection process. This Polishing System removes the challenges involved with selecting the proper tools in any polishing system. When the 3-step polishing system is utilized, you get perfectly polished floors every time.

The CRMX polishing system reduces labor cost by up to 45 percent, requiring only 3 tools and 3 chemicals, which dramatically reduces your inventory. This process is used for every level of concrete hardness, so there is no more complicated diamond selection processes. CRMX by Betco has proven this system is predictable and has reliable results.

It's an easy system to train new employees, even those with no past polishing experience. Additionally, it allows contractors to remove the guesswork out of tool choice and the diamond selection, so the entire process is out of the operator's control.

The CRMX 3-Step Concrete Polishing System also produces harder concrete at the surface, thus making it more resistant to surface abrasions such as normal foot traffic and shopping carts. This system exceeds all SCOF requirements deemed by OSHA for being a safe floor. The CRMX 3-Step Concrete Polishing System is not reliant upon topical polish guards for gloss or clarity. You'll get perfectly polished concrete floors every time, with results that are simple to replicate when the system process is followed consistently.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in

5 gallon, 55 gallons



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  • CRMX Surface Refining Agent
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