CPS SpinFlex Polishing Pads


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CPS SpinFlex pads are uniquely designed and are impregnated with microscopic diamonds to maintain and enhance the shine on your surface. Easily adaptable, these pads mount to your floor grinding equipment and are excellent for cleaning and enhancing the shine of the floor before handing it over the customer. SpinFlex contains a higher concentration of diamonds and a higher heat rating than competitors’ pads. Available to fit any floor grinder, burnished, or auto scrubber.

They are available in lower grits for removing etches and stains in concrete floors without the need for a full re-polish. They are available available in higher grits for daily maintenance.

  • Diamond impregnated pads
  • Works on most hard floors
  • Removes stains and strips wax
  • Great for daily maintenance


  • Black: 100 Grit
  • Orange: 200 Grit
  • Red: 400 Grit
  • Blue: 800 Grit
  • Yellow: 1500 Grit
  • Green: 3000 Grit

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Weight 1 lbs

7", 9", 11", 13", 16", 17", 20", 21", 24", 27"


Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow