CPS Black Series Metal Tool


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The CPS Black Series is a range of metal bond tooling that is great for the removal of glues, mastic and other coatings. The Black Series is also used as the starting point for floor preparation for coatings applications and grinding and polishing applications. They are available in two bond types for soft to hard concrete. With price and production being key points to success, these tools will definitely help you out on your upcoming prep or polish job.

  • Versatile metal series
  • Works on most concrete hardnesses
  • Bolt-on or mag plate attachment
  • Multiple bonds, segments
  • Average life: 8,000 – 10,000 square feet
  • available in 6, 16, 30/40, 60/80, and 150 grits.
  • traditional trapezoid type tool

6 Grit Tool: a removal tool for some glues and epoxy coating removal. Its extremely aggressive low grit double bar is used for extensive stock and rigid thick coating removal. it’s also an excellent tool for prepping a floor prior to applying epoxy.

16 Grit Tool: a removal tool for some glues and epoxy coating removal. This tool is very aggressive, with a medium-low grit double bar used to remove shaver lines, mastics, or the first cut on extremely hard concrete.

30/40 Tool: can also do some coating removal but probably won’t be fast enough for some people who have Prep/Master type machines. However, the 30/40 tool does great work on new and old concrete for a good beginning cut. This is also the first step in the CPS NXT floor program that will be rolling out very soon. The 30/40 grit #03 Black Series tool has an aggressive medium grit double bar which is used for the first cut on hard concrete or to follow the Black Line 02.

60/80 Tool: can also be used to start a floor that is going to need minimal repairs and may be a clean-up cut. The Black Series #04 tool also can be an optional 1st cut to the NXT floor. This tool has a lesser aggressive medium-high grit double bar. It’s great for the first cut on medium hardness concrete, or to follow the Black Line 03.

150 Grit Tool: a good finish tool to start your resin polishing without using a hybrid resin system to transition. Depending on what the customer is looking for, you can start a floor with this tool as well. The Black Series #05 is the least aggressive high grit double bar used to remove scratches from the Black Line 04.

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Series 01 (6 Grit), Series 02 (16 Grit), Series 03 (30/40 Grit), Series 04 (60/80 Grit), Series 05 (150 Grit)


2-seg, single-seg