Convergent Pentra-Sil (C&N) Industrial Floor Cleaner


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Pentra-Sil (C&N) Concrete Neutralizer Treatment cleans and neutralizes concrete that suffers from efflorescence, sweating and other alkalinity problems. Pentra-Sil (C&N) works by infusing lithium ions into the substrate-these ions calm alkali reactions between aggregate and Portland cement thereby reducing the formation of alkali salts and sweating. (For serious problems, we recommend a full treatment of Pentra-Sil C&N, AC and Pentra-Sil.) Pentra-Sil C&N is also excellent for cleaning concrete after diamond polishing. C&N removes fine particles and dust that can reduce shine.

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Weight 45 lbs

5 gallons, 55 gallons, 275 gallons



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Convergent Pentra-Sil C&N Data Sheet

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