Contec 14″ Shot Blaster (used)




The Contec MODUL 350 14″ Shot Blaster offers the ultimate in mobile, dust free blast cleaning. , It is the most versatile and effective surface preparation system available in its class. The blast width of the basic MODUL 350 can be doubled by the addition of a MODUL 350 EU (Extension Unit ) for super cost effective increase in production capability. The unique design and high powered blast motor, combine for superb performance making the MODUL 350 ideally suited for very hard concrete, coatings, and also for steel decks, bridges, and tanks.

Compact dimensions and small footprint allow for easy maneuverability
High performance on steel and concrete
Exclusive “Travel Mode “ prevents damage to dust skirt during transportation, loading and unloading
Easily transportable to your job site
Long service life on consumables, reduces operation and consumable costs
Simplified maintenance, designed to be user maintained