Collomix Two Ribbon Inter-twine Paddles


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The particularly rugged professional mixing paddle for thorough day-to-day construction site service. Three mixing blades for fast mixing results.


Forced action mixing

The two counter-rotating mixing tools ensure that the entire material is gripped and completely mixed. This ensures perfect mixing of all types of materials, especially highly viscous, heavy materials.


50% faster

Due to the two stirrers, which interlock and create a large mixing surface, you will achieve your perfect result up to 50% faster.



Heavy and dense materials such as concrete, quartz-filled epoxy resins, screeds, mortars, clay, thermal insulation plaster.


Mixing Action

Mixes from bottom to top. For you that means that the paddle easily works its way even into tough materials and you get the mixing results you want without having to work too hard.


Powerful Mixing

The design with three mixing blades and the arrangement of the two paddels that intermesh ensure powerful mixing of the material. By default, the MKD conveys the material from the bottom to the top. If you swap the two paddles in the machine, the mixing action reverses and you can mix thin-bodied materials.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Mixing Quantity

10.5 – 23.7 gal