Clarke 20″ Focus II Boost L20 Disc Compact Autoscrubber


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The new Focus® II models are the first 20 autoscrubbers® available with Clarke’s revolutionary BOOST® Technology. If you demand high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits, BOOST technology offers 70% reduction in water and chemicals, 40% increase in pad life, and the added benefit of stripping floors chemical-free, compared to traditional disc models.
No other manufacturer comes close to matching Clarke’s combination of serious cleaning ability and green benefits in autoscrubbers. The Focus II models are also available in 3 disc models and a cylindrical model.
And all of the Focus II scrubbers feature important benefits such as low noise levels, improved user ergonomics, on-board chargers, breakaway squeegees and more.

The Focus II BOOST L20 has also been certified as High Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute. Awarded on Oct. 29, 2008. models to choose for your application Superior solution pick-up Quiet at 65 dB(A Easy operation Environmentally friendly with efficient solution usage. Green Certified Equipment by Clarke®

Model Number: Boost L20

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Weight 335 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 42 in



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