Ermator S25 or S50 Certified HEPA Filter Set of 2


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The Ermator S25 is a single-motor wet and dry vacuum that can be operated in conjunction with a power tool. The S25 has two HEPA filters that are specially designed for wet or dry usage. The tank on this vacuum holds up to 7 gallons, and can be used with or without a bag. The HEPA filters have a 99.99% efficiency rate for dust elimination and pick up. Replace your HEPA filters to extend the life of your Ermator S25.


The Ermator S50 industrial strength wet dry 120 HEPA vacuum is equipped with dual HEPA filters that are individually tested and certified at 99.99% effectiveness for 0.3 microns. The S50 has an outlet for power tools and a variable speed motor, which allows the operator to adjust suction power according to circuit breaker capacity. Purchase additional HEPA filters to extend the life of your Ermator S50 wet dry vac.

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S25 HEPA Vacuum, S50 HEPA Vacuum