ASG Gray Terrazzo Glass


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Gray glass is made from 100% post-industrial glass and can be used with Countertops, Flooring, and Epoxy Flooring products. This color comes in 1 lb to 50 lb bags and 5 different aggregate sizes.

Never before have such vibrant colors been available to designers of terrazzo flooring. Recycled glass chips are a modern addition to an ancient flooring methodology that dates back to Michelangelo and the Renaissance. Glass chips can be used in epoxy terrazzo or sand cushion cement terrazzo either by themselves or in combination with traditional marble chips. As in typical terrazzo, the combination of sizes #0 and #1 provide a traditional look while the use of sizes #2 and/or #3 provide a bolder more aggressive appearance. Due to its weight, glass contributes substantially to a project’s overall recycled content in LEED calculations. Its unique hues contribute significantly to the impact of an environmentally sustainable floor. Arguably, glass increases the durability and lifespan of a terrazzo floor installation.

Concrete countertops have been extremely popular of late. Customers have been thrilled at the ability to dictate the dimensions, shapes, colors, and textures of their countertops. Recycled glass aggregates have been an equally popular additive to recent designs. Glass adds color and variety at a highly customizable level. Interestingly, translucent glass adds a third dimension, depth, to any countertop concept. Some customers even under light their countertops with LEDs strategically placed beneath our glass chips, look unattainable with traditional granite materials. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself vanity assembled in a weekend warrior’s garage or a full-size slab carefully manufactured in a controlled fabrication environment, our glass is resplendent. Glass aggregate can be used in lieu of or in addition to traditional aggregates. Both light and heavy polishing bring out the glass shine.

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#00, #0, #1, #2, #3