Ameripolish Strip & Clean Stripping Agent


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Ameripolish’s Strip & Clean is a water-based stripping agent specifically formulated for the grind-free removal of the Ameripolish 3D SP sealer on polished concrete floors.

This is a simple alternative to having to use a diamond grinder to eliminate the old Ameripolish Stain Shield. The water-based stripping formula is contained in one and five-gallon jugs that are ready-to-use. Make sure to thoroughly shake the container just prior to applying the Strip and Clean. It is suggested that it should be applied with a pump Sprayer System for even distribution. Expect to cover between 400-600 square feet per one gallon of the AmeriPolish® Strip & Clean. That is 2,000- This is dependent on the number of Stain Shield applications that need to be removed.

Clear your polished floor of the old protectors before applying the dye to your new concrete with Ameripolish Strip & Clean. Refer to the MSDS sheet for correct handling directions, specifications, and warnings.

  • Grind free sealer removal.
  • Formulated specifically to remove 3D SP and other guard type products.
  • Safely remove improperly installed “guard” type products.
  • Ideal for preparation prior to any dye application.

**This is a Hazardous Material and can ONLY be shipped Ground. Thus, an additional $15 handling fee is charged per gallon.**

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Weight 10 lbs

1 gallon, 5 gallons, 30 gallons, 55 gallons





Spec Sheets

Ameripolish Strip & Clean TDS.pdf
Ameripolish Strip & Clean SDS.pdf
Ameripolish Coverage Rate Chart.pdf