Ameripolish SmartFloor™ Maintenance & Stain Remediation Inserts


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The SmartFloor Stain Remediation pads are used to remove etching and staining on polished concrete floors. It is used with an auto-scrubber and is available in standard sizes.

The SRI #1 pads are the first step in the remediation maintenance process. Then from there you move onto #2 and #3.

The SRI #2 pads are the second step in the remediation maintenance process. Used after step #1 and before #3.

The SRI #3 pads are the last step in the remediation maintenance process. Used after steps #1 and #2.

Coverage Rates:

  • SR – 400,000 sq ft
  • SmartFloor Driver Pads – 100,000 sq ft


These Stain Remediation Inserts come in an 8-pack. 4 inserts go into a SmartFloor driver pad. Purchase the driver pads separately.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in





SRI #1 (blue), SRI #2 (red), SRI #3 (white)


8 pack, 12 pack

Spec Sheets


  • For use on concrete floors protected by SR2 SB or WB penetrating sealer only
  • Used along with standard janitorial equipment
  • Made of unique diamond agglomerate technology
  • Special inserts plug directly into “backer pads”
  • DOI Inserts are used for daily cleaning to maintain DOI (distinctness of Image)
  • Stain Remediation Inserts (SRI) are used for etch / stain removal

Ameripolish SmartFloor Pads TDS
Ameripolish SmartFloor Daily Maintenance Procedure.pdf
Ameripolish SmartFloor Maintenance, Step-By-Step.pdf
SmartFloor System Brochure.pdf