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The SmartFloor Daily Maintenance pad is used for daily maintenance on polished concrete floors. It is used in conjunction with Ameripolish PoliSmart CS Cleaner using an auto-scrubber and is available in standard sizes. Daily usage will increase the floor’s DOI.

These DOI inserts come in either an 8-pack or 24-pack. 4 inserts go into a SmartFloor driver pad. Purchase the driver pads separately.

Coverage Rates:

  • DOI Inserts – 750,000 sq ft
  • SmartFloor Driver Pads – 100,000 sq ft

What is DOI?

Ameripolish uses Distinctness of Image (DOI) testing on SmartFloor polished concrete floors, which provides us a quantifiable measurement of the clarity of the polished surface.

DOI testing measures the deviation of light by scattering. The more scattering that is experienced, the more hazy and blurred the reflection appears.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in

8-Pack, 24-Pack




Spec Sheets


  • For use on concrete floors protected by SR2 SB or WB penetrating sealer only
  • Used along with standard janitorial equipment
  • Made of unique diamond agglomerate technology
  • Special inserts plug directly into "backer pads"
  • DOI Inserts are used for daily cleaning to maintain DOI (distinctness of Image)
  • Stain Remediation Inserts (SRI) are used for etch / stain removal

Ameripolish SmartFloor Pads TDS.pdf
Ameripolish SmartFloor Daily Maintenance Procedure.pdf
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SmartFloor System Brochure.pdf