Refining floors for a quality polish is a vital step in finalizing concrete surface projects both large and small; commercial and residential. Commercial stakeholders rely on surface professionals to deliver a surface that reflects the integrity of their businesses while residential owners hope for a welcoming shine they can rely on throughout their property.

With so much weight on the concrete polishing, how do you know when your concrete finish has reached agreed-upon specs? Fortunately, technological advances in the world of concrete polishing quality have allowed for optimal polishing achievements and enabled surface professionals to thrive in their most critical step.

Concrete Gloss Data at Your Fingertips

Apps like Runyon Data Services (RDS) allow you to collect, retain, and analyze concrete gloss and roughness information for quality verification. Why should you measure your concrete surface gloss? Here are three good reasons:

  • Like color, surface finish gloss has psychological impacts on guests and customers.
  • Environmental influences can affect gloss perception, especially concrete coating and surface roughness.  
  • Clients expect you to meet standards of quality, whether they say so or not.

Gone are the painstaking steps of manual readings. RDS helps professionals get their meter readings with just a few easy actions, and it provides intuitive reviewing capabilities you can’t get the old-fashioned way. How does it work? Read on for more.

Pair Glossmeters & Measurement Equipment to Your Phone

Using Runyon Data Services is a simple matter of downloading the app on your smartphone and then pairing it with your Bluetooth roughness and glossmeter equipment. Once paired, you can begin a new inspection that includes empty fields for job details, location, and relevant contractors.

Capture Your Concrete Surface Sample & Compare Digital Readings

From there, you can utilize CPC Appearance and Exposure options and capture your surface sample with the click of a touchscreen button. RDS then allows you to populate your surface readings and compare them across helpful data tables.

What Kind of Equipment Should You Use for Digital Readings of Concrete Surfaces?

While we can’t speak for all surface equipment, Runyon utilizes the following equipment for digital readings and data analysis:

Rhopoint NOVO-GLOSS 60-degree Glossmeter

This model measures a wide range of gloss finishes, whether the surface is a subtle matt finish or a high-intensity gloss finish. Its capabilities allow for easy data transfer into various compatible programs, including RDS, and is compliant with international quality standards.

The Rhopoint NOVO-GLOSS is Runyon’s most economical glossmeter option and provides a more-than-adequate reading of most concrete surfaces.

MarSurf PS10 Roughness Meter

This nifty, touchscreen-operated roughness meter helps you measure surface textures for the sake of sealer quality and spec achievements. It boasts accuracy, convenience, and easy operation.

Why measure roughness? Roughness measurements with devices like this will also help you see where improvements should be made in surface upkeep and maintenance.

Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85-degree Meter

This device measures at three different angles for a full spectrum of gloss specs, which means you can get hyper-accurate readings for the sake of your clients’ project. It’s capable of making haze, DOI (Distinctness of Image), and RIQ (Reflected Image Quality) measurements that aren’t as easily obtained by a standard glossmeter.

Paired with a glossmeter like the Rhopoint IQ, the Runyon Data Services app will help you identify distortions and general faults in the surface so you can adjust accordingly and deliver on project expectations.

Glossmeters, Floor Grinders, Concrete Coating – Get It All & More From Runyon

Thanks to top-of-the-line engineering and the innovation of our partners, Runyon is now able to provide more than concrete surface prep equipment. Runyon Data Services takes the concrete surface project a step further and provides a convenient surface measurement tool unlike any other. No need to estimate or manually measure for quality assurance. You’ll have all you need in the palm of your hand.

Learn more by visiting Runyon Data Services or connecting with us online today.