Mixing and placing construction compounds can be physically exhausting, time consuming and costly without the proper tools. Why exert more effort and energy into a task that is already rather involved? Portable mixers can easily solve this problem, and the HIPPO mixer from CS Unitec is one of the best on the market. Mixing and pouring cement, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives and other self-leveling compounds are convenient and simple with a HIPPO mixer. However, if this name is entirely new to you, and you are seriously wondering why it is called “HIPPO,” then take a look at this demo video from CS Unitec for a better glimpse.

Blending Application

With the mixing and application of self-leveling compounds you first create a proper consistency, which in a traditional bucket or wheelbarrow for example, is rather more difficult than using a specific mixing machine, namely a HIPPO. And in order to aptly complete this process, the HIPPO has the following attachments:

  • Mixing paddles effectively and consistently mix due to the helix ribbon design.
  • HIPPO liners fit easily into the bucket and save both time and extend the life of a HIPPO mixer. The liners are removable, rimless and pliable. It is recommended that they are alternated to avoid cross contamination and preserve the working life.
  • In addition, this unique mixer has a variety of pneumatic-powered motors available.

Pouring Application

However, not only does the HIPPO mixer accomplish the mixing step, but its “Easy-roll Trolley” and “Easy-tilt Cradle” allow you to pour and spread material simultaneously. You probably noticed this in the video. Additionally, the HIPPO’s caster wheels (or tires, depending on the model) keep the machine free of splatter and level with the floor.
The HIPPO mixer from CS Unitec is the innovative solution for blending and pouring, fulfilling an ever-present trend to lower costs, increase efficiency and save time. This machine is ideal for rugged building sites, with a streamlined design, perfectly suited for one man operation. If you are interested in purchasing a HIPPO mixer, then please visit our product page for more information. And, check out our current HIPPO sale for special pricing. Or, to see more product demonstrations, visit the CS Unitec YouTube channel.