It may be easy to forget the importance of vacuums, dust extractors and pre-separators within the surface preparation context, especially when overshadowed by grinders and polishers. However, extraction systems are important, not simply as an afterthought. A large industrial vacuum manufacturer in the industry is Ermator – “the world’s leading innovator in the design and manufacture of HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers that dramatically improve worker health and safety” (Courtesy of Ermator USA).

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The industrial vacuum industry boasts many innovations, and Ermator has led the way. Its HEPA dust extraction system exceeds environmental and safety standards and benefits other industries significantly – construction, abatement and restoration. Additional innovations within the industry include:

  • Longopac system for dust-free bag changes
  • Jet Pulse filter cleaning
  • Power outlet with automatic on/off
  • Drop-down disposal
  • Sound alarm for clogged or broken HEPA filters
  • Proactive maintenance features like manometers and hour meters

HEPA extractors fit any grinder, electric saw, jackhammer or drill to eliminate dust and dirt as you prep your floors, meaning less handling and hauling after the fact.  In this regard, the HEPA Extractor System complements grinding and polishing by improving surface preparation, saving time and money and increasing compatibility. Major benefits of using an extractor alongside a grinder or polisher include:

  • Maximizing grinder performance
  • Increasing surface visibility
  • Increasing life of diamonds and other abrasives
  • Less dust contamination between cuts
  • Fast, high volume recovery of dust without clogging and interruption
  • Easy and efficient filter cleaning
  • Compatible with all diamond surface grinders
  • Compatible with sanders, scarifiers, hand power saws and drills

For your next industrial floor application, consider a HEPA extraction system from Ermator to clean up dust and dirt while you polish or grind. Not only will this keep your work environment safe and efficient, but it will keep your floors shiny and clean. If you would like to know more about the Ermator products we offer, click here. And for your chance to win a free Ermator S50 vacuum, register here.