Check out another successful polishing job by Exposed Design Group at a local taco shop. The acrylic surface was dirty and grimy before, so the Exposed crew went in and revived its sheen and color. This was an overnight job that was quick and efficient.

Job: Torchy’s Taco Shop
Contractor: Exposed Design Group
Scope of Work: Exposed was approached by Torchy’s about a slip hazard on their floor. When the Exposed crew went and looked at it, it was an old stain/acrylic sealer job. Exposed then proceeded to work on grinding all of the material and grime off of the floor after business hours. After grinding, they gave Torchy’s a high-end polish, achieving a gloss factor between 75 and 85 throughout the entire store – even on the edges.
Result: You can see from the above left picture that this job was a huge success. All the stains were remedied with uniform color and the light reflected in the floor is so evident thanks to a quality polish.