Floors deteriorate with age, to the extent that at times, the best option would be to break down the existing flooring and re-lay the floor. New floors lend a spark of elegance to a space and make maintenance easy. However, it is not necessary to spend a small fortune hiring professional help to remove floor tiles. The task is easily doable as a DIY project. However, it can become a mess unless done systematically and professionally.
Tools Required:

  • Floor Removing Machine (Power Scraper) – A power scraper has a wide blade mounted on two wheels, and comes in two types: the walk-behind type and the self-propelled type. Both pry up the tiles as they move.
  • Ride-On Power Scraper – This type of scraper is required, only when working on very large surfaces, which need heavy-duty work.
  • Electric Walk-Behind Scraper – Electric walk-behind scrapers are great for removing tiles.
  • Manual Walk-Behind Scraper – The manual walk-behind scraper is useful when removing vinyl.
  • Hand Held Scraper – This should preferably be mounted on a long pole


  1. Clean the area: Remove all objects from the floor
  2. Set the machine: Make sure that the floor removal machine has the correct blade in place, as per the instructions that come with the machine
  3. Run the machine: Run the power scraper over the required area, starting from the point where another type of flooring meets the flooring to be removed, or from one corner. Run the scraper in strips.
  4. Finish the job: Loosen the remaining tiles, especially at corners with a handheld scraper. Since this is manual work, mounting the handheld scraper to a long pole makes the task easy. If the handheld scraper does not suffice, a pry bar may be required.
  5. Remove debris: Cart away the big chunks and either vacuum or sweep away the small shards of tiles that remain.

The process generates immense amount of dust. So make sure to seal off the room and cover up any curtains, wall paintings or other installations in the room. Wear protective clothing, including leather gloves, eye protection, ear protection, and knee pads. Ensure that the flooring does not have asbestos. Inhaling asbestos dust can be fatal.
Floor removal machines are perfect for removing any type of bonded flooring including commercial carpet, vinyl, VCT, rubber, sport surfaces, ceramic tile, and glue down hardwood.