The typical setup for concrete dust extraction involves a direct link via hose from your abrasive equipment (floor grinder, scarifier, shot blaster) to the vacuum itself. For this process to go smoothly and collect dust efficiently, there are several factors that should be considered. Typically, these factors relate to the filter, the vacuum’s motor, and the machine’s general capabilities.


At Runyon Surface Prep, we have an extensive catalog of all-things surface prep. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some common questions related to industrial vacuums in the concrete surface preparation process. Read on to learn more.

What are the vacuum requirements for silica dust extraction?  

There are no universal standards for the type of vacuum you need when it comes to removing silica dust from your worksite because every worksite is different. However, OSHA does require that you take measures to prevent silica inhalation and recommends the use of a dust collection system as operated per the manufacturer’s instructions.


This may require a big, powerful dust collector or a smaller, more portable industrial vacuum. It depends on the amount of dust and the demand for site housekeeping. That said, you will need a HEPA filter in order to trap dust at the right efficiency for silica containment. If there is any bare minimum requirement for dust removal, it’s that the filter capture dust at a rate of 99% or higher for outdoor use—achieved most efficiently by HEPA filters—and even higher for indoor use (99.97%).

How much power should my industrial dust collector have?

You’ll want enough power in your dust collector to keep a compliant construction environment. The recommendation for power is, at the very least, that your collector produces enough suction to capture the concrete dust at the cutting (or grinding) point on the surface.


If your dust collector is set up for direct extraction with your equipment and you’re leaving behind excess dust as you work, you should consider upgrading or taking your machine in for repairs.

Should I get a propane or an electric dust collector?

As with all surface prep equipment, your dust collector power type will depend on your everyday needs. Propane is a great choice for extensive outdoor work where electrical outlets are out of reach, and electric equipment offers uninterrupted work safe from fumes – so an obvious choice for indoor or enclosed environments. Just make sure you head out to the job site ahead of time and ensure you have the proper outlets in place.

What is the best vacuum dust collection system for concrete surface preparation?

An effective vacuum dust collection system for concrete surface prep is one that’s built to pair well with abrasive equipment like floor grinders and polishers. A good dust collection system will include typically the following:


  • Shroud or hood recommended per the tool manufacturer
  • A filter with at least 99% or greater efficiency
  • An exhaust hose with at least 1.5” diameter
  • Enables easy bag change-out while minimizing dust exposure upon removal
  • Enough power to collect dust from the point of abrasion


You’ll also want to have adequate accessories handy—cords, hoses, attachments, extra filters—before you hit the job site.

What kind of filter do I need for concrete dust extraction?

When it comes to dust extraction, OSHA requires that your filter be able to remove and capture very fine particles of dust at extremely high-efficiency rates. You’ll need a HEPA filter for your vacuum in order to achieve dust collection at this efficiency. HEPA filters have a 99.97% rate for 0.3-micrometer diameter minimums.

What is the best brand for concrete dust collection systems?

Lift power, warranties, maneuverability, a quality dust collection brand will offer a collector that complements your concrete surface projects. We may be biased, but the RSP brand here at Runyon delivers on all cylinders of dust collection needs.  

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