Machinery like jackhammers that pound, drill, scrub or scrape the surface of any worksite generates dust and air pollutants. Breaking down concrete, for instance, results in the spread of hazardous dust containing respirable crystalline silica (RCS), exposure to which causes silicosis.

Facemasks and other protective equipment are limited in their effectiveness, and moreover restrain the worker. A far more convenient and effective solution is installing air scrubbers at the work site. Air scrubbers comprise a filtration machine that removes gases, chemicals and other particles from the air within its range.

Air scrubbers suck in contaminated air, remove harmful dust and particles and emit fresh air. To remove pollutants, they adopt different technologies. The most common spray nozzle scrubbers emit a mist of water or other liquid, with adapted chemicals, into the air to form water droplets. Absorption or chemical reaction with the water solution removes the aerosol, gaseous pollutants and other particles from the air. Fiber bed scrubbers adopt a process of filtration using fiber beds, but this type is unsuitable where there are solid pollutants, as solids may clog these types of filters.
Air scrubbers come in various types. Small sized air scrubbers handle only one type of pollutant, whereas heavy duty industrial grade air scrubbers handle multiple or all contaminants. Most scrubbers complete six cycles of operation an hour.

If you are working on DIY tasks, such as renovating your kitchen, or building a patio, or if you are a contractor who works in a constant environment of harmful dust particles and chemicals, the rental of an air scrubber can literally be a lifesaver to you and your workforce.

Air scrubbers can keep your workers safe from harmful chemicals and exposure to contaminants that are damaging to the skin, lungs and immune system. Don’t put your workforce at risk; instead, employ the use of HEPA air scrubber rentals on your work site and protect your employees!