With the rising trends of wet polishing, due to not only preference but also the new OSHA Silica Standard, and trowel machine polishing, which must be run wet, the need for a streamlined slurry management process is key. While there is no “one answer” for how to most efficiently and economically dispose of slurry, our manufacturers and our own outside sales reps strive to help provide solutions for concrete polishing contractors facing this dilemma. Here’s an example of one customer who teamed up with our rep Mark Critchfield from Slurry Solutions to achieve just that. Read on to see how…
This project involved a 30,000 square-foot warehouse utilizing Runyon’s new MPS Magnetic Preload System, ride-on trowel polishing technology, with very high production rates. Slurry was collected with a floor scrubber and deposited into a low profile slurry containment tray for easy unloading. 1 cup of SlurrySep was then added and mixed with a trash pump until the flocculant is activated. After the particle size was ready, it was then pumped into the big dog slurry bin with a dewatering filter bag mounted inside. As the clean water passed through the filter, it was pumped from the outside of the bag back onto the floor for reuse. This significantly reduced the overall water usage on the project. 6000 square-feet used only 300 gallons of water. If preferred, the slurry can also go directly to solidification and disposal.

Slurry Solutions provides sustainable solutions for job site pollution. Slurry Solutions works hard to bring the concrete industry new ideas, solutions and technology to the age old problem of wastewater treatment and concrete silt management. Slurry Solutions is the market leader for decades in wastewater treatment chemistry; it’s designed to protect the environment and contractors from EPA fines.
Runyon Surface Prep Rental & Supply is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the concrete polishing industry. Our uniqueness comes from providing our customers with a diverse equipment, product and supply portfolio. We offer training and support, such as technique workshops on prep, polishing or removal, and maintain a well-stocked inventory of consumables ready for your projects at a moment’s notice. Rather than perform contract work ourselves, we consult on job sites when necessary. With the backing of our vendors, Runyon Surface Prep offers support at any level, to assist in helping you get things done. We can deliver or ship wherever you need, or you can pick up from our facility.