“A man walks into a dairy farm pushing a concrete shaver with one hand and carrying a box of diamond blades in the other…” Could this be the beginning of a bad joke? Perhaps, but it could also be a concerned dairy farmer merely looking to upgrade his concrete floors for the sake of his treasured cows. As it turns out, all barns and dairy farms have concrete floors, and a concrete shaver or scarifier, with diamond blades that can cut custom grooves/tracks into concrete surfaces, is exactly what’s needed to protect his livestock.
The fact is, grooved concrete is extremely important to the health and welfare of dairy cows. It is also critical to the bottom line of any conscientious dairy farmer. For starters, it increases traction to prevent cows from slipping. And the cost of a single injured, or mortally wounded cow, might cover the expense of having a contractor come in and install the grooved concrete in the first place. Additionally, the channels in grooved concrete serve as passageways for dirt, making the floors easier to keep clean and improving overall sanitation. And let’s not forget that if there has been a buildup of waste, dirt, and feed over the years, a shaver, such as the Von Arx DTF 25 SH electric or the Von Arx 25 SH propane is the perfect tool to efficiently and effectively remove those hardened organic layers.
Regardless of whether a barn has standard concrete floors or slotted sections (where waste can drop through), the many safety and sanitation advantages to using a concrete shaver and/or scarifier merits serious consideration. For the customizable, grooved profile is something that only these machines can do. And if a cow could speak, it just might thank you.