More and more, retail stores are realizing the benefit of customized concrete floors, via special designs and stencils, in addition to simply maintaining a polished finish throughout. Creating a personalized space not only distinguishes the location, but it strengthens the brand and can help create a welcome and engaging environment. Adapting to this decorative concrete trend is a measure of success for Kent Companies, who did such a job at the Cabela’s store in Grandville, MI.

Project Background

The 88,000-square-foot store is Cabela’s 43rd retail location across the United States and Canada. It includes thousands of quality outdoor products, as well as a mountain replica, wildlife displays, an aquarium, a boat shop, an indoor archery range, a gun library, a bargain cave, a deli and a fudge shop. The Cabela’s logo, as seen in the top-most picture, measures 120” x 71.9.” This logo stencil provides a bold statement, reinforcing store branding as guests enter the retail location. In regards to the other pictures, polished concrete throughout stands up to heavy retail traffic and offers store operations and management many maintenance benefits.

Products Overview

  • The crew used HTC grinders and diamond tooling to grind and polish the floors
  • The aisle ways were finished with a fresh coat of concrete dye
  • Consolideck GemTone stain created the stencil
  • To protect the floor, the crew applied Consolideck LS densifier and LSGuard

Maintenance Creates Lasting Effects

In order for the floors at Cabela’s to remain so pristine, especially with such high foot traffic, the retail location must have a maintenance plan in place. With a little guidance from Kent Companies in terms of which products to use, how often to apply them, etc., and proper execution, the floors in Cabela’s should continue impressing customers for years to come.
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