This week we bring you an internal love story. Leo and Susana are the only married couple working at Runyon. They were married May 22, 1993 in Venezuela. They met at university and dated for only one year before they knew they wanted to spend their lives together. Leo was born September 28, 1965 and Susana on July 18, 1968. After meeting at university, Leo said it was love at first sight. In their country, they owned a 400-acre ranch. Their main source of income was with agriculture and veterinary products. They left their country due to political persecutions. To this day, Susana still loves and misses her hometown. However, now we’re her home away from home!
At Runyon, Leo and Susana both play an important role. Susana is our mother hen; she makes sure everyone in our office is happy, and if not, she figures out the reason why and finds ways to turn frowns upside-down. She also makes our showroom and warehouse sparkle every day. Leo is our jack-of-all-trades. He repairs and maintains our rental equipment, makes deliveries, restocks our shelves and helps with shipping. He ultimately can help anywhere he is needed.
Outside of work, they are all about family. They have three children: Alfredo (23), Luis David (18) and Paola (16). We are extremely blessed to have these two as part of the Runyon Team! Their love story is an inspiration for all of us.