What makes a good rental product? What are the attributes surrounding one? Typically, we look for elements like the capability of longevity – without it, the investment is practically useless. Other attributes often include a build made of quality materials for top-of-the-line performance and perhaps maneuverability for transportation.

Of course, when it comes to concrete surface equipment, other attributes come into play to ensure a reliable investment on the part of the buyer. This post will cover those attributes and more as found in the search for concrete equipment fit for your rental fleet.

Rental Necessities: Abrasive Tools for New Installations & Repair

When it comes to polishing new applications or repairing and resurfacing old surfaces, there are several must-have tools to ensure quality completion. This section will cover the attributes you’ll want to look for in the fundamental tools necessary specifically for concrete removal.

Floor Grinders

Whether handheld or walk-behind, a quality grinder should provide an easy-to-maneuver approach while delivering precision and abrasive power capable of smoothing out concrete surfaces. Quality designs in a walk-behind floor grinder will be engineered with their center of gravity in mind, this is for the sake of optimal performance and comfortability.   


Edge grinders bring their own unique purpose to the project. The best edge grinder for your rental fleet will prove versatility and adjustment capabilities that the operator will love as they work out the hard-to-reach spots of the surface. In your product hunt, pay attention to features that complement the operator’s demands for close edging grinds.

Floor Shavers

Great for surface professionals who see a wide variety of surface types, the floor shaver will adequately remove top-surface materials while leaving a smooth leftover surface for the next step in the process. These tools should also come with a water cooling system to prevent overheating of diamond blades.

Shot Blasters

Shot blasters are classic surface abrasion tools that have been around since the late 19th century. In your search for the best rental fleet equipment, it may help you to know that shot blasters can vary quite significantly not only in their price but also in their engineering.

As a rental entity, you’ll want to keep basic push shot blasters stocked for the contractor who needs some simple abrasion work done while also having ride-on shot blasters in your inventory for more heavy-duty, commercial applications.

Rental Necessities: Concrete Equipment for Preparing Surfaces

While most concrete surface equipment is abrasive in nature, some tools provide more specific purposes beyond simple concrete removal.

Power Trowels

Power trowels exist primarily for the purpose of leveling out concrete while burning out the water from the concrete slab. This is particularly important because removing excess water will ensure a better-quality surface for the client and prevent premature deterioration.

Typically, you’ll find power trowels in either walk-behind or ride-on styles. The sizes for walk-behind will vary, so it’s vital that you carry a couple of different options for your renter for the sake of efficiency.

Concrete Scarifiers

Perhaps among the most versatile and multi-purpose concrete tools is the concrete scarifier. This product may be used to repair unlevel surfaces, prepare a surface for coating, or create a nonslip surface for safer pathways in otherwise slippery conditions.

A good rental scarifier will provide easy access to drum and blade removal as well as a maneuverable setup that operators who may otherwise be unfamiliar with the tool will especially appreciate.

Concrete Surface Rental Equipment for a Variety of Needs

At Runyon Surface Prep, we offer the above-mentioned equipment and much more. Silica dust extractors, surface aggregates for design purposes, saws, accessories, repair materials – the list could go on. See for yourself by visiting our product list

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