In an effort to constantly expand the knowledge and skills of our employees, we would like to introduce the three newest members to the Runyon Surface Prep team. They each contribute invaluable expertise and come from unique backgrounds. Improving the customer experience by offering guidance, advice and facilitating hands-on training is a high priority, so they are all here for any questions you may have. In addition, our new outside sales rep, Jason Campbell is available to work with you on-site to provide instruction. Contact Jason directly if you would like him to visit you – he can travel anywhere within the U.S.

Jason Campbell |
Jason has been in the concrete industry for over 10 years. He started out as the head of operations for a concrete company and eventually worked his way to the leadership development team of one of the biggest players in the industry. He has experience in a wide array of functions, specifically product testing, product application and broad knowledge of each stage of the polished concrete process. He was head of tech support in a previous role and worked in sales for a time due to his ability to talk intelligently about all things concrete. Thus, he has a background in the technical/spec side of things, as well as knowing how to actually do the work through job site experience with contractors. Not to mention, he did training for 7-8 years, so he is an apt teacher and does an excellent job of demonstrating how to properly perform any concrete application.

John Cavallaro |
John has over 30 years of experience in electrical motor repair, including work with: gear boxes, pumps and AC/DC fractional to high voltage motors, to name a few. He has intimate knowledge of floor repair and polishing machines, hand grinders and an array of other concrete tools and equipment. He was the head of maintenance for a concrete flooring company, in addition to being part of the technical support team, so John adds a high level of mechanical knowledge. He contributes a unique insight into the inner workings of our machines, the grinding and polishing process from a technical standpoint and how to appropriately use and maintain equipment so it lasts longer and performs better.

Travis Maulden |
Travis was raised in the industry, with exposure through his family’s concrete business. His extensive history includes knowledge of stains, dyes, grinding, and work in the residential concrete side of the business, as well as the commercial side. He in essence brings the contractor perspective, and with it a hands-on skill-set. Travis can pour traditional concrete slabs, in addition to counter-tops and other home construction surfaces. He proves invaluable in regards to customer interaction, the surface preparation, grinding and decorative application processes and understanding contractor concerns to better meet your needs. Travis also plays an integral role in the shipping and receiving department.

Be on the lookout for these experts – soon to be authors of the blog. And if you have any customer stories you would like us to feature, then by all means let us know! Also, if there is anything you want to read about, the above three experts would be more than happy to share their knowledge, so comment or contact us.