An Overview of Diamond Impregnated Pads for Polished ConcreteThe term “Diamond Impregnated Pad” typically refers to a lofty non-woven janitorial pad that has been sprayed, dipped or otherwise coated with diamond abrasive suspended in a binder, often a phenolic resin or form of latex. Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIPs) are very versatile tool that can be useful in the installation, on-going maintenance and rejuvenation of polished concrete. They are made in a wide spectrum of grits and sizes and can be run under auto scrubbers, swing machines, high speed burnishers and even planetary grinders.

There are a multitude of manufacturers of DIPs and one should always follow the directions of the specific maker of the pad being used, but in general usage:

  • They are useful for burnishing out guards under a high speed burnisher or planetary grinder at high speed
  • DIPs can be used for regular, routine maintenance under an auto scrubber or swing machine
  • Scrubbers and high speed burnishers can be used in conjunction with DIPs to perform light rejuvenation on worn polished concrete floors
  • Etches in polished concrete resulting from exposure to acidic or alkali substances can be mitigated or minimized with the use of DIPs under janitorial equipment

Diamond impregnated pads are an important tool to have in the toolbox, as evidenced above. If you have any questions about how to best integrate DIPs into your polished concrete install or maintenance regimen, give Runyon Surface Prep a call and we will be happy to help you out.

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