The clank and scrape of metal against tiles, the buzz of grinders, and the hum of a power trowel as it polishes your finished product – you can picture the whole job from removal to completion. But, what about prior to floor resurfacing? If you’re relatively new to the process, you may think it’s simple enough. Just a few cleaning products, right? Depending on the area you’re covering, it may be more complicated than that.  

Whether you’re a contractor, business owner, or homeowner, it may benefit you to know the necessary steps to take prior to removing and subsequently resurfacing your flooring. After all, if you don’t start the process in the right direction, you may find yourself in a place where it’s too late to turn back without serious delays in your expected timeframe.

1. Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment for the Job

From cleaning to grinding to coating, your very first measure should be to ensure you have everything you need before you start. The last thing you’ll likely want is to halt everything mid-job and scramble to find flooring equipment to rent or buy.

2. Ask Yourself: What’s Your Plan for Adequate Material Disposal?

Depending on your process and the type of surface you‘re facing, you may end up with a lot of broken up tile, aggregate, and other materials that you’ll need to have a plan for. Ensure you have enough waste bins to house all the bits. Don’t forget to look up proper disposal procedures as well, or you could risk serious fines.   

3. Remove Any Furniture and Other Objects from Your Surface

Sounds obvious, right? You might be surprised what people leave on their surfaces. A forgotten piece of furniture, no matter how small, can become a nuisance and even a safety hazard. Get to work removing all unnecessary objects before you begin. If you’re working with a property owner and you’d rather not move furniture for them for liability reasons, you can request they have it removed prior to your arrival. Alternatively, if you’re a contractor, you can also offer removal as an extra service.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

The depth of your cleaning process will hinge on the surface type. If you’re looking to remove tile, following some basic cleaning procedures will do. But when it comes to coating removal, ensure that you remove the floor of any potential contaminants that may stick around upon resurfacing. Note also that all water you use should be removed prior to resurfacing or you could risk compromising the integrity of your coat with moisture.

5. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions – Even If You’ve Used Similar Equipment in the Past

Every model is different. Sure, a proper grip and a flip of the switch will get the machine started. But year-to-year changes manufacturers make to their equipment can add up and, before you know it, you’re incorrectly operating a floor scraper or scarifier and potentially putting yourself at risk. What’s more, safety aside, without fully knowing your machine you may damage the floor in ways that take hours to repair (if repairing is an option at all).

Floor Removal FAQ

How Much Time Does Floor Removal Take?

How many people are on the job? How big is the area? It’s possible you could have removal completed in just a few hours if it’s a matter of a small-sized tile floor. But, typically, you’ll want to expect at least a day or two of labor when it comes to removing flooring of more significant sizes.

Should I Wear a Mask?

Always err on the side of safety, especially if you’re uncertain. Of course, some flooring material is more hazardous than others. If you’re removing epoxy coating, for example, you will want a mask to prevent inhaling dangerous particles.

Should I Rent or Buy My Equipment?

For contractors, even semi-professional, who are looking to do some long-term surface prep work, it may benefit you to invest in the purchase of good quality equipment. But, whatever your situation, there are some great rental options for a variety of flooring preparation needs. Ask us about ours!

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