On their own, while durable and low-maintenance, concrete surfaces are not much to look at – which is why there’s always a demand for new and unique ways of approaching concrete surface installation. You could, of course, go traditional and add some tiles or wood to the floor. But these days many contractors and designers are looking to spice things up to help their project stand out and impress property owners – and owners themselves will appreciate the elements that come with a creative concrete surface.

Some methods are preferred for their cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency upon installation, or their potential to achieve a seriously unique flooring aesthetic. Whatever your goal is, the following floor design methods each come with their own unique perks – and all of them have serious potential for creativity.

1. Terrazzo: Stunning Aggregates With Countless Possibilities

You could say terrazzo stone in flooring designs is the grandfather of the more involved creative methods. Some sources claim that terrazzo and approaches like it were used as early as 10,000 years ago, and it continues to be a go-to selection for exuberant aesthetics in commercial and residential endeavors.

Why? Perhaps it’s the variability of the product. Whether you’re looking to apply a mosaic-style or even mimic a company logo, the chipped stone comes in a plethora of different colors and enables designers to really get crazy with their applications.

Methods for installing terrazzo flooring in surface preparation include the epoxy resin and cementitious processes.

2. Dyes: Simple and Beautiful

Another classic way to get creative with your concrete floor: dyes. Dying your concrete surface is a relatively simple process and there are, thankfully, a wide range of hues and tones out there. Though, you may not get much depth in the aesthetic—as concrete can be a little finicky with dyes and will not give you much variation—so owners may want to complement the choice with eye-catching furniture or rugs.

That said, concrete dyes are a popular option for their accessibility and often sleek visuals once properly coated and polished to perfection. Dyes lend well to environments like commercial offices and cafeterias.

3. Stains: Quick Application and a Natural Look

Where dyes can penetrate the surface and really drive home bold selections, stains can provide your concrete floor with the subtlety often sought in commercial jobs – while still enabling creativity to flourish.

This is because most stains are semi-transparent and, though they still penetrate the concrete pores in much the same way as dyes, they typically leave behind a more natural look that some contractors and artists prefer.  

Other perks of concrete stains such as Endurable Concrete Stain supplied by RSP can include:

  • Low odors
  • UV resistant
  • Quick drying, may be sealed within the hour
  • No binders necessary

4. Coating Pigments for the Bold and Dynamic

Many professionals go the coating pigment route, as this combination of bold colors and durable finishes have the potential to provide the best of both worlds – functionality and beauty. While you may not be able to get as crazy as you would with, say, Terrazzo, you may be surprised by the spectrum of pigments available via Key Resin coating products. Some noteworthy pigments available from Key Resin Urethane Pigment Packs include Safety Yellow, Brick Red, Gem Gray, various tans, teals, and taupe.

With the right creative approach, a once-dull floor may be made equal parts attractive and professional. What’s more, floor coatings like polyurethane not only look stunning paired with pigments, but they also provide outstanding impact and chemical resistance, and the color will retain for years to come.

Metallic Pigments

For that extra glisten and elegance, metallic pigments dispersed into any clear epoxy or polyaspartic resin can take your creative flooring endeavor to the next level of visual appeal. Spartacote Metallic Pigments boast incredible depth and radiance, UV stability, and versatility.

Coatings, Dyes, and All the Equipment Necessary for the Project

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