As you probably know, the quality of a good concrete surface installation depends heavily on the troweling step. Smoothing out the concrete finish and working out excess moisture from the fresh concrete will set up new flooring for long-term success and ultimately lead to happy clients.

But concrete surface prep on the commercial level is no simple task. Many commercial endeavors involve extensive labor with massive surface areas to cover. Believe it or not, there are ways a power trowel can help you step up and take charge of your larger projects. Some of the following benefits you may know about, but some you are probably reading for the first time. Stick around to learn more.

#1 Size Matters

The addition of a power trowel to your inventory can help you attract bigger jobs. And in the case of trowels, the bigger, the better. A trowel that does not bear the power and size necessary for the surface area can lead to strenuous—sometimes wasted—troweling efforts. The more power and coverage capability, the more efficient your commercial project will be.

#2 Yes, You Can Polish Your Floors With Your Power Trowel  

A power trowel may be set up for concrete surface polishing, which can help reduce labor – up to 75% of labor, in fact, when compared to the traditional planetary grinder. Advantages of using a power trowel for polishing include faster work completion, a great shine to your final finish, and minimal start-up costs with a big return on your investment.

Wet Polish for a Safer Alternative

Especially if you’re doing indoor work, going the wet polishing route with your power trowel can help workers avoid hazardous concrete silica dust inhalation.

#3 Magnetic Preload Systems Streamline the Tooling Process

For an even more efficient power trowel, you can make your diamond tooling switch-outs easier and faster by installing a Magnetic Preload System.

What Is a Magnetic Preload System?

The Runyon Surface Prep Magnetic Preload System is an innovative tool holding system for power trowels, auto scrubbers, and swing machines. This allows for fast-changing 3” velcro-backed tooling on standard 14” or 16” pad drivers.

#4 Ride-On Trowels Save Time and Manpower  

It’s no surprise that ride-on trowels can bring some extra strength and coverage to concrete troweling needs and that it can save on physical labor and hours worked for employees and contractors. But just how much can these machines save on time and manpower?

Well, some ride-on trowels can trowel up to 12 feet in coverage while many walk-behind models will only cover a couple of feet of width per pass. We’re talking anywhere from a 400 to 600 -I would be careful putting percentages on here on increase in production only because it matters what type of job you are on and how experience you are with the trowel machine- percent increase in coverage, depending on the model.

That’s not all, these also come with LED lighting features that allow for nighttime or dim, indoor work. Plus, RSP carries Multiquip models designed for power conversions and maneuverability.  

What Is the Best Power Trowel Available?

The best trowel for you is one that should be tailored to your business’s needs. While there are some brands and models that are no doubt better than others, your best bet is connecting with the appropriate sales department and discussing your troweling and polishing needs with an expert.

That said, take stock of influential factors like common surface areas you deal with, your current budget, power type needs, and the number of workers you have. Why invest in a 12-foot trowel when an 8-foot trowel well do? Rental facilities will also want to consider factors like potential longevity and power trowel fuel efficiency for optimal renting profits.

RSP Serves Concrete Surface Prep Industries of All Kinds

Runyon Surface Prep is a full-service sales and rental facility serving clients on an international scale. Our operation is uniquely dedicated to concrete polishing, surface preparation, resinous flooring, and floor maintenance industries.

So whether you’re in need of a one-time trowel rental for an upcoming project or you’re looking to add something new and shiny to your surface prep inventory, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of concrete surface prep products.

Want to learn more about our services? Give us a call or connect with us online.