The world of concrete surface prep would be lost without the quality abrasive equipment that carries each project’s most vital steps. At Runyon, we understand the extent of importance each machine and tool carry.

This post will highlight specific-use grinders as pivotal additions necessary for a thorough grind; that’s grinders that help you get to those finicky edges or the small, hard-to-reach spaces that take precious time from your day. Stick around to learn a bit about the unspoken heroes of surface preparation.

The Edge Grinder, Traditional Walk-Behind

Edge grinders can be a surface prep professional’s best friend. The traditional walk-behind edge grinder has been around for years, assisting with surface work along edges the everyday floor grinder can’t get to.

A quality edger with the operator’s needs in mind will be engineered to do the same kind of work but with a versatile body that enables success for more specific job demands – hard-to-reach places, for example, like grinding vertical surfaces or narrow (you guessed it) edges.

Edger brands that Runyon carries include Aztec, Gorilla Saws, CS Unitec, HTC, and more.

The Edge Grinder, TC-7

The TC-7 by U.S. Saws is a stand-up edger built with unique capabilities you can’t get with other edgers. It’s designed in such a way to give its operator the feel of a handheld grinder while still upright in position. It can reach the usual places along walls as well as vertical surfaces.

Its front handle provides the possibility of side-to-side movement as you adapt to the contours of the surface underneath. Meanwhile, the rear handle allows adjustments to the grinder pitch. This extra maneuverability benefits the operator with a more complex approach to the surface. 

In other words, this tool gives increased control over stand-up edge grinding, boosting project efficiency and improving accuracy.

Handheld Grinders and Polishers

There are surfaces you simply can’t get to without a handheld grinder. No amount of ingenious engineering can replace the simple solutions provided by them. They’re small so they fit easily with the rest of your equipment, and they enable a thorough, quality completion.

That said, not every handheld grinder is designed equally. Take the Inter-Tool DS3011 for example. With three tool heads, this American-made planetary model grinds and polishes up to five times faster than single-head machines. It can be used on more than just concrete, as its versatility enables surface work on wood, stone, and even drywall sanding applications.

Get to Know the RACATAC

The RACATAC is a kneeling and sitting creeper that allows for optimal handheld equipment execution while at the same time providing comfortable support for its operator. It’s ideal for long-winded projects and surface areas like hallways where edge grinding will take extended lengths of time.

While the previously mentioned TC-7 is a great option for operators seeking extra maneuverability, some workers may want another option if they’ve already invested in quality handheld grinders. The RACATAC will help you do much of the same – that is, maneuverability while edge grinding.  

Dust Extraction

Most edgers, especially walk-behind edgers, will come ready for dust extraction attachments. It’s vital, especially when working with concrete, that you have adequate dust collectors to prevent the inhalation of crystalline silica – a hazardous particle inherent in concrete’s makeup.

Always check the specs on your edge grinders to ensure they’re designed with extensive dust collection in mind. Of course, going the way of wet polishing can also help prevent the inhalation of silica. You can read about the benefits of wet polishing on our blog post from earlier this year.

Dynamic Surface Prep Equipment for Purchase or Rent

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