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Runyon Organizational System

Runyon Organizational System

An effective management system, for materials, tooling, hand tools, etc. headed to your jobsites, is essential for material costing and inventory management, not to mention being able to find things easily. That said, Runyon has streamlined this process with the new Runyon Racking cage system. These fully-enclosed, transportable, heavy-duty storage systems are ideal for wheeling on and off trailers to jobsites, or for storing in your warehouse. In addition to the racking, you can purchase tool boxes of all sizes. These can easily be housed in your storage systems and can contain anything from diamond tooling, hand grinders, polishing pads, tool holder plates, dyes, hand tools, etc. The customization and possibilities are endless.

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Sortimo L-BOXX 102



LB 102 HD

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Sortimo L-BOXX 136



LB 136 HD

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Sortimo L-BOXX 238



LB 238 HD

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Sortimo L-BOXX 374



LB 374 HD

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Sortimo LT-BOXX 136



LT 136 HD

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Sortimo LT-BOXX 170



LT 170 HD

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Sortimo LT-BOXX 272



LT 272 HD

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