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  • CleanLine One-Hand 1.25 Liter Foam Sprayer
  • CleanLine One-Hand 1.25 Liter Foam Sprayer



Use this Solo 301-FA foam sprayer in conjunction with Slurry Solutions Slurry Destroyer, for cleaning off your slurry covered / concrete coated equipment (floor grinders, trowel machines, etc.) The Solo CleanLine features two foam applicators that are fitted with seals made from different materials: VITON for acidic spray solutions in this model: 301-FA.

The foam quality, i.e. the foam consistency and the moisture content, can be easily adjusted with the patented "varioFOAM" adjustment system. This also protects the operator from any contact with the chemical. Both handheld foaming sprayers are fitted with a special flat spray nozzle that ensures a fast and even foam application.

No interchange of felt inserts, no changing of nozzle, no unnecessary contact with the chemical. With Solo's new-patented “varioFOAM” foaming nozzle, the thickness and moisture level of the foam can be easily adjusted by turning an adjustment wheel even while spraying. The wheel is large and easy to use with gloves. The embossed graduation offers exact adjustment possibilities: Dry: The foam is drier and, therefore, more consistent. Wet: A gel-like foam with higher moisture content is produced.

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